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The industry’s best protection from lightning strikes

CommScope offers a family of grounding kits, bars and lugs that protect sensitive components from damaging electrical surges across any kind of transmission line. Andrew® grounding kits feature tin-coated copper construction for high current handling capability, compatibility with copper cable outer conductors, and corrosion resistance.

The extremely pliable jacket provides protection and makes it easy to maneuver the lead into position for attachment to the down conductor. These kits are MIL-STD-188-124B compliant and use heavy-duty 6-gauge ground leads to maximize performance and dependability.

Compact SureGround® grounding kits provide the fastest, easiest installation with the highest degree of lightning protection
SureGround grounding kits offer clip-on attachment with taped or molded enclosure weatherproofing
Universal grounding kits can be applied to a broad range of coaxial or elliptical transmission lines

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