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Passive Devices

Durable, high-performance passive components

CommScope offers the passive devices that power many of the world’s most efficient wireless networks. By delivering performance and longevity, our passive devices help operators optimize their OpEx while maximizing their network efficiency.
Our Andrew® splitters, couplers, tappers and termination are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure that active components in the network function properly. We pay special attention to soldering, sealing and the use of non-ferric-based designs to prevent network-crippling passive intermodulation (PIM) often caused by poor connections and vibrations. In addition, all our products have press-fit connectors for better and stable IMD.

Enable antennas to transmit and receive signals accurately, year after year
Undergo rigorous testing to prevent PIM
Offer rugged durability well suited for indoor and outdoor applications
Available in wide frequency ranges and options

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