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RF Repeater Systems

CommScope features a comprehensive portfolio of off-air RF repeaters that enhance and extend indoor and outdoor coverage. Besides our analog repeaters, our off-air digital repeater systems are designed to supply consistent signal reliability for large areas shadowed by hills, buildings or other structures, but they are also effective in tunnels, canyons and dense urban environments like office buildings and malls. Our off-air repeater solutions are even effective for mobile applications such as for moving trains. They may also be used as a cost-efficient alternative to base stations where coverage is more critical than capacity and no wired backbone is available.

Our Andrew® off-air digital repeaters provide the power you need to amplify and direct your wireless signals no matter what frequency you use. As the first company to develop an off-air repeater solution with integrated interference cancellation, we create systems that are easy to deploy and simple to manage through just an Ethernet connections and any browser.

  • Support of multiple frequency bands
  • Indoor and outdoor installation
  • Full remote monitoring and alarming
  • Easy commissioning and setup via web-based GUI
  • Flexible and future proof
  • Compliant with all regulatory standards (e.g. ETSI, FCC, IC etc.)
  • Optimized performance by statistic measurements

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